India will build world's tallest statue

Patel statue
Amitabha Buddha statue stands firmly as high as 120 feet in Ibaraki Japan. Guinness Book of World Records bestowed the title World's Tallest Statue. But that title would fall following the construction of 182 meter high sculpture in India.

Indian opposition leader, Narendra Modi, will build a statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel tangible figure, a usurper India's independence from British colonial hands. He was a close friend and ally of Mahatma Gandhi, India's minister of the interior as well as the first.

Inauguration construction launched today, Thursday, October 31, 2013, in accordance with the date of birth Patel. Statue will be built in Gujarat and take 4 years.

As reported by Reuters news agency, the project is budgeted at U.S. $ 338 million. Funds obtained from the Gujarat government and the local community. No small amount of funds reap many protests, given India's 1.2 billion people live below the poverty line.

Gujarat government did not agree if the project is considered a waste of funds. On the contrary, the statue of Patel will boost India tourism.
"The world will see India when the statue is standing upright. High statue is double of the Statue of Liberty," said Modi.