Vintage interior design for your home

classic interior design
Vintage interior design or classic style is still in demand. As time, this classic design began to adjust.
"If the current vintage is no longer the old school colors, but now more refreshed or replaced with vintage colors that are more relevant to the lifestyle now," said Vintage interior design of Jakarta, Lutfi Hasan to Okezone.

Vintage interior design for your home
Nowadays many people love the vintage colors. This was regardless of the vintage theme can be applied to a variety of home designs.

Lutfi said, do not any choose decorate classic style. That must be considered is the home should reflect the personality of the owner.

"You should be comfortable in the house, not because of the style bandwagon someone else's home, you sacrifice comfort," he said.
In addition, he said, did not have a whole room decorated with a vintage theme. Simply give a touch in some areas, it will make an impression already prominent vintage.

"For example, in one room you can apply a vintage-style items on the seat or a table only. Designed vintage If everything would be monotonous," he explained.

Last, which is equally important is the vintage theme occupancy must give character to an interior design. In choosing a vintage style interior, Lutfi suggest choose the items that display elements of personal nature.

"Your personal collections unique example, you can make as furniture accessories. So not only do you buy at the store. To be more personal," said Lutfi.